Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This is from last month but I never got around to posting it. My man accessory’s birthday was last month and this is what I made him. 

Bacon Candy
 Maple Bacon Long john
Hazelnut Bacon Cupcakes (don't compare, mine look like crap)
If you're into bacon at all...go here for recipes.  Yum
On top of that, I got him the dorkiest gifts I could find.  Dungeons and Dragons figurines, and a way overpriced (collector’s item style) disc golf disc, plus I took him to a Beirut concert, which was just…awesome.
If you're wondering why bacon?
This is why.


  1. ooooh you spoiled your man accessory! The Prince would DIE of happiness if I did this for him.

    I never will, though. Because he's a shit. ;)

    1. I didn't say mine necessarily deserved it :) I may have just wanted a reason to make myself treats while avoiding looking like such a glutton.
      Har Har