Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Because I'm So Happy and Have Little to Complain About...

It's been a bit and I don't often have much to say when my head is in the clouds. :)  Which is good.  But I have a few treats for you because I'm in such a good mood.
A graph of my work day on Tuesday

And my plan for Wednesday (didn't work out obviously)

Someone added Briteny Spears to my Pandora...not okay (swear it wasn't me...really I swear...)

I'm going to start a thing where I bring my Ukulele (btw I started playing the ukulele) in on Fridays to play for everyone to cheer them up and get them motivated (or really unmotivated cause that's what Friday's are for).  This is the flyer I made.

This looks normal right?  I totally attended a twins game with my co-workers, no I don't have a torso in real life and yes my legs are that short, but sexy i must say.  All the while, I was also at a River Falls Days Parade with my wonderful man item and a few of my friends...impressive I know.

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