Friday, August 31, 2012

I Normally Love Fridays

But work is totally screwing me today and I'm not a fan of being screwed.  Not really.  At least I'm wearing a dress today, that always helps, just a little bit.  Also, I have a ton of drinks planned this evening, even if I didn't I'm sure it'd end up in the plan regardless.  Beer always helps when I'm pissed off.  Doesn't that mean I should have a beer at work?  Cause it'd probably improve my performance.  Jus' sayin'.  I should drink at work, it's for the best...for the company...

Happy month end to anyone in the financial world, hopefully some of your co-workers showed up at work today, cause that always helps.

So what will I be drinking tonight?
This. For Sure.

Tilburgs Dutch Brown Ale.
It's just so damn good.  If you're a beer drinker, light or dark, you have to try it.
Click on it to see the illustration, slightly disturbing but kinda cool?
On another note, I'm doing disc golfing tonight, before going to punch pizza for the above mentioned drinks. The boyfriend wants to go to CG but I made him a map of why I don't want to go to CG and why it makes more sense to go to Kaposia.
Makes sense right?


  1. sorry your day has been screwy.

    your map made me laugh, so that's something ;)

    1. That is something :) He questioned the map being to scale, I'm calling bullshit. A piece of pizza is totally the size of a pine tree...