Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Could This Be The Light?

Recap: I’ve had a very unfortunate chain of events occur over the past week or so, a never ending shit show of crap being thrown at me.  BUT it might finally be coming closer to an end (though I don't have proof of that, I just feel more optimistic)

I decided to make a list because it’s almost impressive.  Sorry I’ve been whiney this last week and a half but I swear, it’s all valid.

Friday - Boyfriend does a very douchie thing, that makes me question whether I’m getting what I want out of my relationship. And I want babies.

Saturday – Douchie thing continues to affect my mood/relationship/state of mind, so a big fight occurs. But I want babies.

Sunday – Avoid boyfriend. And I want babies.

Monday – Continue to avoid boyfriend, he doesn’t really notice. Nothing makes me feel better, but I still want a baby…

Tuesday – Ok day, nothing too eventful except I am obligated to see boyfriend at band practice despite the fact that I don’t want to. Plus, insert end of Tuesday.

Wednesday – 12:00am -I decide to make myself feel better and buy a new phone 5:30pm – Break said phone by slamming it into my trunk (somehow). 8:00pm – cry a bunch because I have to spend the same to replace it despite paying $700 on insurance over the last 7 years (damn you T-Mobile) 9:30 pm – Talk to boyfriend, argue with boyfriend, Feel like I got nowhere with him, go to bed upset.

Thursday – Schedule massage for after work,  then a good thing – I buy a piano accordion from my teacher.  The coolest and debatably the only good thing that happened this week. Go to said massage, now I have bruises and he did NOTHING I asked him to even though I’ve gone to him 5 or 6 times before. Went to boyfriend’s house, balled my eyes out and had a few beers…to numb the week.

Friday – New phone is supposed to arrive after work. Boyfriend is going on terribly timed “boys only” yacht trip even though any other day of the week, I’m “one of the guys” and treated as such. Go home, phone isn’t there, someone decided to ship it to Minneapolis.  Call UPS to get the address changed, won’t get phone till Monday. Cry a little, get bloody nose.  Go out drinking with friends, get bloody nose #2 that lasts over an hour.

Saturday – Wake up light headed, sick to stomach, with a headache in my eyebrows from blood loss… eat food, take nap, go to the casino lose $60 (what was I thinking?)…get bloody nose #3, go home.

Sunday – Wake up with a cold, boyfriend things are finally bettering themselves (I guess he did listen), okay day other than being sick.

Monday – Take the day off cause I’m sick, get stuck babysitting boyfriend’s nephews, check status of new phone, they sent it to Minneapolis anyways (damn you UPS), won’t get phone till Tuesday, okay day other than that, go to bed, get bloody nose #4.

So basically, I need go to the doctor.  Or just sleep for a few weeks till everything blows over.  Things are better(ish) though, at least the man and I are settling back to our usual selves.  That is key.  I have hopes everything will start to improve starting...now. 

Also so many things from the garden!  Yay.
And here. I just love this comic.

And this. Is so weird.


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