Friday, August 31, 2012

That Back Thing I Have.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve mentioned my back.  The one with scoliosis in it, which also happens to be the only one I have.  Well it’s still there.  Obviously.  And I can’t say it’s just better but it’s different.  I guess with scoliosis, sometimes you could say different is better because wherever you were hurting before finally gets a break for a while.  That’s not to say the pain/annoyance is gone, it’s just a little less sharp and wherever it moved to is distracting enough to feel a sense of (fake) relief.  Just so you know where my knots are, I made you a pretty accurate picture of their general whereabouts. 

P.s. I'm not nakie, I have shoes on see.

So, this "different" thing sounds good right?  Well not really, it brings about some concern for me.  I’m 24 now and the pain is moving around into really weird places.  I used to have insanely tight neck/shoulder muscles, and while I still do (especially compared to most *normal* people, my main issue is now in my hips/glutes.  Also known as my ass.  I have no idea why that’s a thing now, I’m not doing a whole lot different than I used to so I’m thinking something is pinched lower down or something of the like.  Either way, it’s a pain in the ass (that was absolutely pathetic, I’ll call myself out on it) and even with the help of my awesome massage therapist friend, it’s a constant struggle.  I’ll have some mild relief for a few days after a massage but there are so many knots in there you guys.  Every masseuse I’ve gone to has done the whole “Oh wow, there’s at least 15 knots on each side.” thing and these guys see a lot of stuff ya know? A lot of messed up people, but like… now I’m one of them.  Eek.  My man accessory attempts to work some out but to be quite frank, he’s like a monster when it comes to massages(now, though he used to be all romancey about it).  He didn’t used to be so hardcore about it but now he sees my back as a challenge in which he has to go “balls to the wall” and put in all his strength which (well he’s twice my size) is a lot of man muscle.  I just can’t handle it anymore, last “session” I told him I feel like he’s taking his anger out on me.  So here, this is basically what he looks like (I assume, cause my face is normally in a pillow) when he whales on massages me.

 This looks like he's a tiny man-demon. He is not, I am a tiny girl and he is a real tall big-muscle human man. Promise.

I should really put this guy through massage school.  For him, not me, really…for him.

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