Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And So The Beginning of My Paint Pictures

To lighten the mood a little bit (and also because I've had some "Fucking Relaaaaxxxx" tea...  This is where it all Began:

This is a Taco Fish, I made it for you.

For my friend Andy

And my boyfriend.

My plan for some gardening this summer...absolutely beautiful right?

This is (as it states) my friend Erik.  All of the above is 100% accurate if you use your imagination.  He totally deserved this cause...well he's kickass.
Me trying to explain to my friend Jeremy what the lagoon will look like after I'm done with it, though now that I'm seeing it again, he might have gotten a better idea if I had NOT brought Paint into this.

There is one more but it deserves an entire post to itself.  More to come.

I promise.

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