Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conversations With Daniel

Dan -Check out "Cow Pots" on Amazon.
Me- Ya Just saw that.  Expensive though...Buck 20 per pot vs .32 each for peat.
Correction...16 cents if we get them at home depot.  I think that's out best bet.
Dan- Fine.
Me- Geez
Dan- I'm Jk, you no like my poo pots
Me- Sorry no.  You have bad ideas…
Dan- But poo is much more renewable than peat moss harvested from ancient peat bogs
Me- Ok you buy and I’m down.  They sound fantastic.  And like they cost 750% more mobey…cause they do.  I calculated it.
Me-Not more mobey…that’s not currency anywhere I know about…money
Dan- Moby would approve

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