Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Guess I Wanted a Blog I'm Not Completely Afraid of Sharing

So here I am.  I guess I knew this would happen.  I knew I’d want to start a blog that I could actually share with the general public.  I have my old dead journal, my gardening blog and I have a separate private blog which could cause some anger, heartbreak and confusion, all of which has already happened and was the reason for my…privatization? (is that a word? We’re going with yes)  These are things that I could share with you all if I felt like being completely ripped apart for how nuts I am.  I could let you all in on my daily thoughts regarding my relationship and life situation and friends and family but you’d think much differently about me and it wouldn’t really help a whole lot.  I blog there on my hard days, on the days that I know better than to talk to real people face to face.  And I get past them and I have normal people days—like today where it’d be nice to share my thoughts via text because they’re not so crazy when I’m not feeling crazy. 

I’ve started really relying on my private blog for comfort and support in the last few months.  It has really helped me get through some tough times and occasionally caused some tougher times when I allow myself freedom of thought.  That being said, I’d like to be able to voice some of my thoughts and life on the interweb, the ones that I think might be helpful to others going through the same things or the ones that I hope might brighten someone’s day or even evoke a tiny smile.  I will go back and pull such posts from my piva-blog (cool, that is now what I am calling it here, done.)  I have some funnies, some interesting, some hobby sharing, some dorkieness and some that just pulled me through another hard day.

On an un-related, related note, I read (of course, who doesn’t) and sometimes I find her writing amazingly inspiring.  It helps me make it through another day and simply embrace that fact that I did.  You did it, you accomplished another day.  That doesn’t sound like much to most but sometimes that’s freaking impressive.  Just one day might have been the hardest thing you’ve ever done but you did it and survived.  Sometimes that’s all I can do.  Sometimes it is that hard for me.  I hate that it’s a truth but it is.  And here I am exposing it. Oh well.

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