Friday, April 20, 2012

Conversations With Erik Cont.

I pulled this from priva-blog:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Good Day, An Entertaining Friend

I'm in a good mood.  And I didn't know who to share this with cause most wouldn't get it so here you go Interweb, meet my funny friend Erik.  Maybe you guys won't get it either. Ehf I'm such a dork.

Me: PS. Not to be a text whore but have you seen Better Off Ted?

Erik: Nope I haven’t.  Also, what is a text whore?  Am I being charged for this?

Me:  …I thought we had an understanding…dammit there goes my rent for this month.

Me: Hopefully more Catan to be had unless you guys don’t wanna play me anymore. Bah!

Erik:  Yeah, about that?  I’m going to need to borrow your game for the newly formed “Kool Kids Katan Klub”.  I’d ask you to join, but, no girls allowed…

Me:  Oh, ok, Lets see…no.  And forming a KKKK group is probably a really bad idea anyways.  I started my own girls club but girls suck so it’s just me but let me tell you, I win alllll theeeeee timmmmeee.

Erik:  (A typical girls club meeting)  Anyone wanna trade a sheep for a wheat?  Anyone??  **crickets** Well fuck you guys, I’m the banker anyways.

Me:  God you’re fucking funny

I can't keep up with this kid.  He's fantastically funny.
This is where #2 of Erik's wins come in.
Number 1 probably came from something involving discs (or dicks as we call them)...and now that I think about it, he's at 4...cause one of the first nights we hung out last summer, we had some text conversation involving me peeing on his bed which I'm guessing is why we're such good friends now.  Because who wouldn't be stoked to be friends with a bed wetter?  That sounds much worse than it really was but I don't care to explain except that it actually involved pig and dicks...see now that totally cleared/cleaned it up for you right?  Have fun with your imagination on that one, internet. 


  1. Nothing like some funny texts to make a girl smile.

    I always try to swap sheep for roads. Or something equally impossible. lol.

    1. Like buying pokemon cards with your resources? Cause I attempt that every game.
      It's good to see someone has any idea what Catan is ;)