Friday, April 20, 2012

Conversations With Erik (Edited)

I guess I'm starting to just input some text conversations I have with my friends/boyfriend here.  Cause I think they're funny, even if you don't.

Erik: I hate time off, I feel like I forget a ton.

Me:  Waiiiiit..."I hate time off" no one ever says that. Ever.  I'm worried about you.

Erik:  No I mean "Time off from discing"  I feel like I lose all my backhand work and good forehand control
(none of you probably get this, unless you're into disc golfing in which case, call me, let's go.)

Me:  Oh gosh ok...thank god!  You scared me. ok yes I understand.  I haven't gotten out as much as I like but played in the rain last night.  Bruised the shit out of my knuckle because of...wet release...mmmm I'm sure you'll do fine though, I'm not too much for competition but beware, I'm on love with my new destroyer aaaaand that putter I picked up.  I can't take credit though.  It's just the discs.  My o my am I chatty. sry

Me:  In love* not on it.  Not sure what that is.  X maybe?

Erik:  Jesus, Chaaaaty haha, I don't know how to answer that text...while driving...

Me: Haha yeah.  Sorry, I'm a lot to handle right now.

I'm a little impressed with myself right now, normally I have a hard time keeping up with his amazing humor/timing.

Erik like 3/Tina 1

Edit:  Erik 4/Tina 1

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